About Us

About Us

Learn Price action trading to achieve financial freedom

Sikhnomics  is widely recognized for delivering inclusive Forex trading education to traders at all skill levels.

Our expert instructors offer a wide variety of courses and resources, including online courses, live webinars, and in-person workshops, tailored to help you achieve your trading goals. Join our community of traders and elevate your trading skills today.

About chairman

For around 15 years, Dr. Kulveer Singh served as a director in the corporate sector, overseeing the business compliance department in Dubai and across GCC. After obtaining his doctorate in marketing management, he achieved several educational milestones. His outstanding performance was recognized by the IFC, and his dedication to the "Share n Care" core value of Sikhism drives his motivation. Dr. Kulveer has spent numerous years researching financial strategies, seeking the optimal approach for forex trading. He also introduced the concept of Sikhnomics to increase the presence of Sikhs in financial markets and empower the Sikh community.

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With Sikhnomics

“As partner in progress with Sikhnomics , we offer dynamic support to our partners”

  • Expertise
  • Strive and thrive
  • Community support
  • Partners in progress
  • Lifetime support 24x7

Golden Rules

"Our trading success is founded on the golden principle, as is yours."

  • Trend is Friend
  • Learn n Earn
  • Let the profit run
  • Plan your trade
  • trade your plan

Our core values

“Sikhnomics' foundational principle is rooted in the core values of Sikhism, aimed at elevating success as a trader.”

  • Oneness
  • Equality
  • Service
  • Compassion
  • Share n care
Sikhnomics Mission

Why Our Platform is Better

A Better Future Starts Here

Cracking the stock and forex market is no easy feat, as traders can spend years searching for the most effective and profitable strategy, only to end up wasting time and feeling frustrated with continual losses. At Sikhonomics, we customize price action strategies to suit your specific requirements, so you can start your trading journey with confidence.

A step towards Financial Freedom

Sikhonomics offers a team of experts who will guide you from beginner to expert level in a short time span. We are dedicated to supporting you in technical and fundamental analysis, as well as coaching you to enhance your trading psychology. Join us today and experience a significant transformation in your financial status

A Success Oriented Learning Environment

At Sikhonomics, success is not just a possibility but a certainty. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive education on all aspects of stock and forex market strategies, with courses specifically designed to help you achieve your desired level of success.

Academic Excellence and Cultural Diversity

Sikhnomics, as a knowledge base, serves a global Punjabi community that includes countries such as India, Canada, USA, New Zealand, England, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UAE, and Kenya. Women play a vital role in our success as trainers, mentors, and participants. People from diverse professions, including students, engineers, and farmers, are benefiting from the expertise of Sikhnomics team and gaining new insights into the financial market.

Make Connections

Sikhnomics Team

Embarking on a journey with the Sikhonomics team will make you feel like a member of a winning team. Our philosophy of "sharing is caring" means that you'll have access to the latest insights and firsthand information about financial markets.