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  • Author: Dr. Kulveer Singh
  • Dr. Kulveer Singh is a skilled Forex trader and holds a Doctorate in Business Management Studies. He has a talent for motivational speaking and achieving set targets. Dr. Singh's work experience includes serving as the Director of the Business Compliance department in GCC for 15 years, where he garnered extensive expertise in managing regulatory affairs in the financial industry. Dr. Singh is also an established motivational speaker who employs his knowledge to help both individuals and organizations achieve their goals. He is proficient in team building, communication, and leadership. Furthermore, Dr. Singh's passion for philanthropy has driven him to create Sikhnomics, a platform through which he shares his trading skills with underprivileged communities. In summary, Dr. Kulveer Singh is an accomplished financial professional with a vast skill set.

Author: Dr. Kulveer Singh

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